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Positioning is all about achieving the highest possible position in the search engine, it’s a key element of every SEO marketing strategy services which allows you to get very high organic traffic from Google. This process is very difficult and demanding, which is why it is rated among internet marketing professionals as by far the most difficult and demanding of all. However, for example, carrying out Big Commerce SEO Optimization has very many advantages and is by far the best choice for a first marketing effort among all others. Effectiveness, however, depends, among other things, on planning all factors of SEO marketing strategy services of key phrases, which are the most important factor influencing the position in search results.

What is it about key phrases?

SEO Canada agency analytic says – Positioning of websites created in wizards and designed on commission should start with an SEO audit and a precise conversation about the industry and the future of a given company. This way you can get all the relevant data about your company and plan your next steps, which include planning your keyword strategy. This is basically the most important stage of all, which directly affects the subsequent actions. It is worth spending as much time as possible on it.

In SEO marketing strategy services, key phrases are short or long words, strings of letters or words or entire sentences, which are typed by an Internet user in the Google search box when looking for a specific product, information or service on the Internet. Google displays the results in the form of a listing. The first places are occupied by sponsored, paid links and the next places are taken by organic links, i.e. links obtained in a natural way, among others through SEO activities. We want to be among the sites in the highest positions, preferably at the top. In the process of achieving this Big Commerce SEO Optimization can be the greatest solution.  Big Commerce SEO Optimization is easy, although at the same time its complexity can freak out some beginners. Moreover, it requires payment, but we can say it’s quite an affordable solution for e-commerce.  

How to choose optimal key phrases?

Key phrases should be planned on the basis of SEO audit, which consists in thorough analysis of a selected website. The recommendation from our friend from SEO Canada is that the keywords should ideally match the industry of the chosen company and at the same time also the given subpage, thanks to which an Internet user will be able to find it after entering the chosen phrase in the Google search field Phrases can look like this:

  • cheap computer parts,
  • car rental małopolskie,
  • construction equipment online store,
  • online tutoring for seniors.

Penalty mistakes when planning keywords

A huge mistake when planning keyword phrases is to choose them based on their popularity on the web, rather than because of their close relationship with the chosen web site. SEO Canada expert notes – many beginners and independent SEOs choose keyword phrases to attract customers rather than because of their relevance to the Internet user. It is also important to weave key phrases into the text naturally. Google’s algorithm is capable of irregularities and by them lowering the position of the site.

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  • Megan Wheeler 11.08.2022

    Thanks for pointing out penalty mistakes when planning keywords. I will definitely watch out for them during SEO activities. It’s worth learning from the mistakes of others. Therefore, I will also share my SEO experience. For a very long time, I have been focusing solely on content and neglecting technical SEO. As a consequence, I did not see any satisfactory results. In this regard, from my own experience, I can say it’s important to keep a balance between all SEO areas, and not just focus on one of them. So we should take care of both on-site and off-site SEO.