Integrating employees is the way to better performance!

Integrating employees is the way to better performance!
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A well-coordinated team is certainly a chance for better results, including financial ones. It is worth constantly taking care of its cohesiveness. This involves a kind of grassroots work, which is the integration of employees. How to organize meetings aimed at increasing group cohesion? What are the benefits from them?

What is employee integration in a company?

A dictionary translates the term “integration” as “the process of forming a whole from parts” (PWN dictionary) (PWN dictionary). How to relate it to the operation of an organization such as a company? First of all, it is about teamwork. Each person who is a part of it is unique and represents a specific set of characteristics that give value to the team. However, they can be fully utilized by a company only when they complement and combine with equally unique characteristics. It is worth knowing that a well-integrated team is also a capital that allows later on to achieve greater benefits in the form of financial gains.

What are the benefits of integration in an organization?

Team building is an increasingly appreciated field. What are the benefits of integration of employees for the organization? First of all, we can talk about positive effects in the form of:

  • building effective communication between employees;
  • increasing the qualifications possessed by employees;
  • increasing the level of loyalty to the company;
  • increased efficiency.

Integration meetings bring only benefits

A very good way to improve team integration in the company are integration events. Of course they are always connected with incurring certain costs, but such expenses are worth the benefits that we finally achieve. Integration meetings may be organized at various stages of team building:

  • for getting to know each other better – they are good at the beginning of joint work or when new members join the team;
  • periodically – to nurture good relations and to be able to relieve stress in an interesting way;
  • in crisis situations – e.g. to eliminate smouldering conflicts in the group or to gain more motivation for joint action.

How to organize a good integration meeting?

The organization of a team-building meeting is the responsibility of the employer or team leader. The form, place and character of such an event should be adjusted to the specificity of work, the people working in the team, the company’s customs and possibilities. It is also worthwhile for the scenario of such a meeting to include attractions that will allow employees to get to know each other in a slightly different way than usual. It should be fun, but beneficial to the cohesion of the group. Employee integrations often take the form of:

  • several-day trips – the most advanced, demanding and most expensive form, which, however, is often associated with the best memories. It usually lasts two or three days and is associated with staying only in the company, but in a completely different reality. It can be a trip to the SPA, to the mountains, but also integration combined with training or participation in a conference;
  • meetings in the field – integration can also take place in the form of a paintball game or a family picnic
  • meetings in the company – in less formal circumstances, you can also meet after work;
  • joint outings – sometimes a good and quite cheap outing is to go to a club, bowling or a bar together.

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