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Do you want to enter the international market with your offer and reach new customers? You should definitely be interested in SEO agencies. This is a great way to increase profits and gradually become a leader in the industry. However, to be successful abroad, you need efficient SEO by agencies like the Los Angeles SEO agency or Best Orlando SEO team. Just like in Australia, in other countries it will allow you to increase your visibility in search engines and reach the first page of results not only in Google, but also Bing or Yahoo. Check what you should know about positioning your website abroad.

What to remember before starting SEO abroad?

Before we move on to tips on how to position a website abroad, it is worth checking first what actions to start with. The basis is a thorough analysis of both the market itself and customer needs, as well as the competition. You need to know what users expect and how other companies in the same industry operate. It is especially important to check which search engine is used most often by the residents of a given country. Despite appearances, positioning in Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo or Baidu requires different actions. Fortunately Google is a leader worldwide so it will be Your target if it comes to australia SEO services.

SEO audit – an essential stage of positioning abroad

Actions on foreign markets, for example positioning for Australia mentioned above, should also be preceded by an SEO audit. For this purpose it is best to contact a professional agency like the Best Orlando SEO agency, which has experience and can boast of success in a given country. Why perform the audit? First of all, to check how your website is doing in the search engine and find technical issues that need improvement. During the analysis you should also verify traffic sources, the time it takes to start getting customers and even try to estimate the cost of positioning. We gave an example with Australia, this World area allows us to realize very affordable SEO. Australia SEO definitely has its leaders on competitors’ market, but it does not mean You won’t be able to find Your place. With support from the Los Angeles SEO agency or Best Orlando SEO team, You can reach even the top 3. in search results. 

The most important issues related to positioning abroad

What aspects are worth keeping in mind when positioning abroad? First of all you should be patient, even if your website is doing great on the australia SEO market. Remember that abroad you start practically from scratch so it takes some time for your actions to bring the expected results. It is estimated that positioning abroad may take even several months.

The type of search engine is also important. Simply put, in Australia you want to get a high position in,  while for example positioning for Ukraine aims to increase visibility in For this purpose, both on-site and off-site activities are necessary, for example by acquiring valuable links from Ukrainian domains whose web address ends with “ua”.

During foreign positioning it is also necessary to check and possibly change technical aspects which may work in Australia, but will not bring the expected effect on other markets. This is, for example, the structure of URLs, the type of domain or even the creation of an international sitemap. Success in international positioning will also be achieved through content. Comprehensive, substantive and comprehensive content, which not only contains the key phrases, but also is friendly to Internet users, must be written in the language of the country.

Positioning abroad with a US SEO agency – why is it worth it?

Just like in the case of an audit, positioning on foreign markets should be done with the help of a proven SEO agency. A good choice is to use the services of a mentioned above Los Angeles SEO company – in this way communication will not pose any problem and the risk of misunderstandings connected with a possible language barrier will be completely eliminated. What is more, a Los Angeles SEO agency is certainly cheaper than most companies, and on top of that it gives a chance for meetings, if necessary.

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  • John Wilson 21.07.2022

    It seems to me that an SEO audit is important not only in positioning abroad, but in the SEO process in general. Audit should be the first basic stage of long-term positioning. You should make sure it is detailed and precise. Every positioner should pay enough attention to this aspect.