Air conditioning in the company – is it worth setting up and how to take care of it?

Air conditioning in the company – is it worth setting up and how to take care of it?
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Air conditioning in the company can effectively improve the quality and comfort of work, but the establishment of such an installation is also associated with certain challenges.

Is it worth to establish air conditioning in the company?

Air conditioning in the company can have more advantages than anyone would think. Why is that so? The influence on it has primarily to provide adequate air circulation. It is mainly thanks to it that employed people have access to a proper dose of oxygen, even in cases when there are no open windows in the room, which happens quite often, for example when someone runs a company in an office or deals with catering.

Of course, one of the most well-known and popular benefits is that you can regulate the temperature of the room at will. This is a huge plus in cases where the building is directly exposed to light, for example, it is placed in an open space, or simply the company in question wants to improve the ergonomics and quality of work of the employees.

Because of these two factors, air conditioning in a company is definitely the kind of installation that is worth installing in the building you own. However, as in any case, it cannot do without more demanding aspects. These are mainly duties related to adjusting the type of installation and, above all, the proper maintenance that is necessary to safely use and benefit from the full potential of air conditioning.

How to choose an air conditioner for your business

It is very important to choose the right type of air conditioning for your business. Each building has its own specifications, in addition to such aspects as the characteristics of the business – for example, it may be an office enterprise or catering. What type of air conditioning will be appropriate?

In the case of air conditioning for the office, you should first of all pay attention to the size of the room. Other aspects are the shape of the interior, the degree of its insolation, as well as the position and shape of the windows. Thus, it will be possible to adjust the power.As a rule, the parameters of equipment used in enterprises include: 2.5 kW for 20-30m2, 3.5 kW for 30-40m2, 5 kW for 40-60m2, 7.0 kW for 60-90m2 and 10 kW for a meter from the area of 90m2

As for the types of air conditioners, you can choose between varieties such as multisplit and split. In the case of air conditioning for catering, the format of the device is particularly important. The most commonly used are ceiling units, which are easy to clean and do not take up additional space.

How to take care of air conditioning in the company?

After the company decides to purchase a particular device, it is necessary to properly care for such equipment. This is necessary in order to take full advantage of its capabilities and, above all, avoid the accumulation of a large amount of dirt, which in turn generates large costs. In this case, what steps can be taken?

The basic aspect is to take care of the appropriate level of cleanliness. Before the air outlet in the air conditioner is placed a special filter, which sifts out dirt and does not allow it to get inside. This is a very important element, and it benefits the entire system. However, places where a large amount of dirt is present can make it necessary to change the filter frequently, and certainly pay attention to its cleanliness.

The next thing is a thorough cleaning of the system. First of all, you can’t get down to doing the maintenance on your own. Special companies professionally deal with air conditioning maintenance, and such services are usually part of the warranty offer of the entire system.

Cleaning consists of mechanical brushing and disinfection. The first procedure involves getting rid of dirt using a brush, which undermines the dirt, which in turn is sucked into the filter.

Disinfection, on the other hand, involves the elimination of microorganisms. Special preparations are used to remove them, which are aimed at a multi-level fight against contamination. Thanks to this, almost any type of dirt is removed. The last element is the replacement of defective parts

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