Safe or lockbox – where to keep documents?

Safe or lockbox – where to keep documents?
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We often don’t realize that not only companies or banks, but each of us should be interested in data security. We keep dozens of documents in our homes, which contain sensitive data and should be well protected. Where is the best place to keep documents? More on this in a moment!

Data phishing or identity fraud is no longer an abstract notion for us. Such things happen every day. That’s why we should pay special attention to the sensitive documents we keep in our home. Some of them should be kept for some time. Under no circumstances should such documents be thrown away! If a document is definitely no longer needed, we should destroy it, preferably in a good paper shredder.

Sensitive documents include:

  • birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates;
  • passports, identity cards;
  • loan agreements, credit agreements;
  • employment contracts;
  • rental agreements;
  • insurance policies, housing policies, third party liability and other insurance;
  • tax documents, invoices;
  • warranty cards, receipts.

Safe for documents

The safe will be an ideal place for storing originals of sensitive documents. It protects documents both from falling into the wrong hands – thieves, children with markers, eternally hungry pets – and from random events such as fire or flood. So it is a universal solution. In addition to documents, a safe can also store other valuable items such as cash or jewelry. When choosing a safe, it is worth paying attention to its size, type and lock type. A home safe is an expense of several hundred to several thousand zlotys.

Lockers for documents

A keyed filing cabinet can be a good option if it has an IMP certificate. There are several security classes of such cabinets: for confidential, secret and top secret documents. The cabinets then differ in the thickness of the metal, the locking system, the type of lock.

We may possibly buy a simple metal cabinet with a key, but it will not protect our documents against random events such as fire or flood.

Other safeguards

Regardless of whether you decide on a safe or a locker, you should also think about other forms of securing documents. It is always a good idea to make copies of your most important documents. However, you should not keep them together with the originals. Instead, you can place them, for example, in a bank safe deposit box. It is also worth making scans of documents and keeping them in the cloud. Keeping documents in the cloud is an increasingly popular solution. Data in the cloud is encrypted, and only the owner has access to it.

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