How to use the potential of viral videos?

How to use the potential of viral videos?
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Virals are content, most often videos, posted on the Internet, which in a short time gain enormous popularity.

The rules governing interactions in the Internet may make such a phenomenon appear spontaneously, but sometimes it needs help. How to use the potential of viral videos? What significance can they have in marketing? Here is some useful information

Viral marketing, or what is it?

Viral marketing is characterized by the fact that it spreads on the Internet like a virus. They move very quickly from place to place, from user to user, which causes a desire to use them. Viral marketing, or viral marketing, is a variation of whisper marketing.

How does viral marketing work?

The basic activity here is to create a viral, i.e. a video, graphic material or slogan that customers will want to share themselves and share with other people so that the information will have a huge audience very quickly

At the same time, it is not always about an explicitly advertising message. Sometimes the primary goal is to build positive associations with the brand. Viral videos are perfect for this. The best ones become an element of everyday culture and a part of life

What are the characteristics of a good viral?

What is the ideal viral? It is very important that this type of content not only reaches the target audience but is also based on emotions. The key issues when creating a viral are the knowledge of the target audience, their habits and values which they follow, as well as their needs. At the same time, a good viral is easy to receive.

What else is needed to create a viral?

A good viral is the one which does not reveal the fact that… it is going to become a viral. It is important to remember that Internet users are usually quite demanding recipients of this type of content. They become especially sensitive when someone tries to copy content that has already gathered a large audience. Keep in mind that the challenge is not only to create an ad with a large audience, but also one that Internet users will want to share with their friends.

How to hit the emotions of the recipient?

The best way is to create content with which the recipient will identify. However, while it is quite easy for non-commercial videos to become viral or especially those helping someone (e.g. information about collections for treatment), it is difficult to produce commercial content with such reach. It requires a lot of creativity and financial resources

What else can be helpful to make content go viral?

It turns out that internet users are more willing to share content that:

  • arouse strong emotions – they are often just nice, but there are also horror, anger, fear or surprise;
  • have practical value for the recipient – sometimes it’s an ingenious solution to a problem, other times it’s about appreciating content that’s upbeat or good-humored;
  • tell an intriguing story.

It is also worth making sure that the whole thing is done in good quality. People can appreciate a job well done.

What measurable benefits does releasing a viral on the Internet bring?

First of all, it is about the identification of the content recipients with the brand it refers to. Then it affects the increase of interest in the offer of a given brand – more visits to the websites representing it, to online stores are recorded, which usually results in an increase in the number of purchase decisions.

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