Does and how does packaging affect a company’s image?

Does and how does packaging affect a company’s image?
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It is said that everything a company presents is its business card. It is the same with the packaging that a consignment store or restaurant offers to its customers. The way your products are packaged is of great importance to customer satisfaction and their opinion of your company. Therefore, see how to take care of a good image of your business in the eyes of customers.

Secure packaging of the goods

When it comes to the safety of products in transit, it is extremely important to choose the right size of the carton. In too large a package, the equipment can move too much and, as a result, get damaged, while too small a package can break or get damaged in transit and no longer protect the goods as it should. Therefore the filling of the packaging is also important. Nowadays, companies, which opt for ecological solutions – paper, cut cardboard boxes or crisps made of starch, which can be later used as a fertilizer for flowers – are the best in terms of image. Unfortunately, not every parcel can be packed effectively and ecologically at the same time. In these cases, stretch films are necessary, which effectively protect and cushion the equipment in the package. Remember that damaged equipment will look much worse in the eyes of the customer than an ecologically packed package.

Tailor-made packaging

Some carton producers offer the possibility to design a carton according to your needs. On such packaging you can place your company logo, contact information or advertising slogan. Thanks to this a cardboard box also becomes a form of advertisement. Designing packaging also allows you to match its dimensions to the products that your company sells, so they will be safe in transport. Nice packaging, which refers graphically for example to the logo of the company is in the eyes of customers a very big plus, which can encourage them to continue using your services. Advertising your business with the help of packaging is very effective, especially when it comes to putting contact information on the cartons so that the customer can easily call your business

Quality packaging

High quality packaging in which you pack your products not only ensures the safety of the shipment, but also the high aesthetics of the package. All these elements positively influence the customers’ evaluation of the films. High-quality cartons are also reusable, making it an eco-friendly solution. Sturdy cardboard boxes can be used later, for example when moving house or for storing things, which the customer will certainly be pleased with. High-quality cardboard boxes, which meet the strict EU packaging requirements, are available from the cardboard box manufacturer Janbox

The inside of the box is just as important

The inside of a cardboard box is just as important as the outside. A decorativefilling will make the contents of the box look much more elegant and luxurious . Paper confetti, tissue paper or fabric will do a great job of filling and decorating the package on the inside. How the package looks from the inside has a huge impact on how the customer perceives it and how they perceive the company

Building a company’s image is crucial to attracting new customers. An important aspect of this process for online and consignment stores, among others, is how they package their products. Make sure that the goods you ship are packaged carefully, safely and aesthetically pleasing, and that the materials you use are of high quality.

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