Does billboard advertising pay off?

Does billboard advertising pay off?
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The basic condition for the attractiveness of advertising is to reach the largest possible audience. Billboards are certainly eye-catching in size – is it worth betting on such a solution?

Advantages of advertising on billboards 

Effective advertising is an extremely important issue for any company – its effectiveness can determine the popularity of services and products, and, as a result, the amount of profits. Due to the sheer size of billboards, this type of marketing can give much more benefits than even posters or flyers. What is important, however, is an attractive design – an eye-catching color, interesting graphics and a clear, understandable message are essential.

One of the advantages of billboards is the constant presence of advertising regardless of the time of day, weather conditions or the characteristics of the audience’s devices. While driving in a car, on a bus or streetcar, or while walking, many people will be able to see the ad even from a distance. In addition, the cost of such a campaign is often much less than in the case of, for example, electronic campaigns.

How to prepare an effective advertisement on a billboard?

First of all, this type of advertising should stand out – in many places in Poland stands a huge number of billboards, which are practically completely ignored by the public. Therefore, attention should be paid to whether there is other advertising content nearby, as well as to the background on which the advertisement will be placed. An interesting solution may be to bet on contrast with the elements in the surroundings.

The visual design of the ad should reflect its content. Colors are of great importance in this regard: for example, subdued and universal colors will work well for classic or prestigious products. Extravagant or modern offerings, on the other hand, will attract the audience through expressive colors – neon lights, among others, will work great.

Visibility – the biggest advantage of billboards

One of the strongest arguments in favor of this type of advertising is its visibility, and in fact its lack of dependence on factors other than location. In the context of online advertising, effectiveness is influenced, for example, by the number of visitors to the site, and in the case of channels such as radio or television, campaigns depend on the rules and capabilities of the station. A billboard, on the other hand, still remains in a specific location, where – with a properly developed design and compelling content – it will constantly interest the audience.

It is worth remembering that people who see a billboard are unlikely to have time to read long, complicated sentences. Therefore, make sure that the words are very clearly visible, and the message – short and understandable. Concise, substantive and attractive advertisements that can be read in a few seconds while driving are great promotion for a company.

Advertising on a billboard – cost-effectiveness

Billboards have many advantages, making them one of the most widely used forms of advertising. Do they pay off? The sheer visibility and ability to reach a virtually unlimited audience is a good confirmation of the value of this type of marketing. However, we should also pay attention to the cost – most often a monthly fee is required, which in the most popular locations can be very high. If we are able to find a suitable location and design an interesting billboard, we can certainly count on considerable benefits and an increase in company profits.

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