Automated marketing – artificial intelligence behind the counter

Automated marketing – artificial intelligence behind the counter
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Marketing automation using AI allows companies to stand out far ahead of the competition. Artificial intelligence is a concept that has been circulating for years among everyone regardless of whether or not they are interested in new trends in the tech market

As one of the key technologies of today’s world, it is no longer a distant future, but a set of methods that move the development of science – and dozens of other knowledge-intensive areas – forward. AI is also widely used right now in marketing, and applications based on artificial intelligence offer their users new opportunities and much greater efficiency, especially in the area of acquiring new customers

AI – what exactly is it?

Artificial intelligence a few years ago was mainly known from sci-fi movies and literature, but today it is already a reality. It stands for “Artificial Intelligence” and includes machines and software designed to imitate the intelligence of human behavior. In the main, it is about replicating the human ability to make decisions. Ultimately, such software has a high degree of independence in its ability to solve problems. Computer science distinguishes between strong and weak AI. The former assists humans in complex tasks, while the latter deals only with specific problems and acts as technical support. Weak AI simulates intelligent behavior with specific algorithms that it can adapt to the situation accordingly. Both types can learn new things and have appropriate tools for dealing with incomplete data

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Machine learning – is it the same as AI?

Machine learning is just one area of artificial intelligence. The term can be applied to AI systems that are able to find patterns and regularities in processed data. Most of it requires the creation of a statistical model that recalculates probabilities based on given data – this leads to the construction of new information. Machine learning usually requires, as the name suggests, a learning phase in which data is fed into the system and it extends the statistical model it has created. In this way, the first patterns are recognized, which are transferred to new data records. Simplifying: machine learning module is very often the core of applications based on AI, but they are not synonymous.

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Marketing and artificial intelligence

Major corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have been using the benefits of AI as the next stage of their own technology development for some time now. The new era of marketing stands under the sign of artificial intelligence. This becomes obvious after reviewing the amount of data it produces for advising and setting new sales directions. Advanced automated marketing has its own analytical tools that make it easier to determine the needs of customers, but also their behavior. With a machine learning core mostly sewn into the fabric of marketing automation software, the application is constantly learning and optimizing itself for the customer. This requires continuous data collection and analytical processing. The results of such continuous research can be used to submit ads to users that are most likely to pique their interest, and recommend further products to them

Application areas for marketing automation

The market for AI applications to support marketing continues to grow. Major players in automated platforms offer the right plugins and software to integrate these technologies without programming expertise. Areas that will grow with AI support in the future include the aforementioned product recommendations and cross-selling based on behavioral data, purchase history and preferences. Besides, its importance for email marketing will increase thanks to the recognition of behavioral patterns and personalization of communication across different channels and Big Data applications that will analyze and prepare market forecasts. AI will also play a major role in the development of social bots and chatbots, as well as speech and image recognition technology.

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