Where to look for people for seasonal work?

Where to look for people for seasonal work?
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Holiday break, holidays, free weekends, or maybe a transitional period? Some free time is a great opportunity to take up seasonal work. Who decides to take it up and why? 

What is seasonal work? 

When we see an ad for seasonal work, the most common association that comes to mind is that of working during the vacations, picking fruits or vegetables. According to the definition, seasonal work is associated with a particular time of the year, for example, performed in late spring or early autumn. However, the term “seasonal work” is also colloquially used to refer to all casual and short-term work.

There are many types of seasonal work. Among the jobs taken during the holiday season are working in hotels, being an entertainer at camps for children and young people, working in catering (beer gardens or beach bars) and working on cruise ships or harvesting fruits and vegetables. Other types of seasonal work include working in warehouses, construction sites or factories.

Who most often chooses to do seasonal work?

Seasonal work is performed for a specific period of time, such as vacations or vacations. For this reason, it is an ideal opportunity for students to earn money. Students with free time at their disposal (from the age of 15) readily decide to take up seasonal work in the country. Students, on the other hand, also seek work abroad, such as harvesting or warehouse work.

Adults with full-time jobs are less likely to decide to take on seasonal work, although of course such situations also occur – especially when the need for extra money arises. 

Where to insert seasonal job listings?

When looking for employees for seasonal work, it is important to consider who the job offer is aimed at. This is because it will determine where best to place the job ad so that it will meet with the greatest interest.

Seasonal summer jobs will most often be directed to schoolchildren and students, who, thanks to their high availability during the summer, will be eager to take up professional activity. Advertisements aimed at a young audience will probably be best placed on the Internet. Where exactly? Facebook groups for employers and job seekers are very popular.

Facebook groups a place to get a young employee

Facebook groups set up to search for and offer jobs are now an attractive place for both job seekers and those looking for a suitable employee. To post a job ad in such a group, all you have to do is enter the search term “seasonal work”, “job for student”, etc. in the Facebook search engine. Then join the group and write a job ad. People interested in the offer will most likely comment on the added post, or write a private message with an attached resume. 

Portals for offering and searching for jobs

Facebook groups are, of course, not the only way to get a seasonal employee. Portals offering the ability to add advertisements will also be a great place. Such include, for example, olx.pl or pracuj.pl. Portals of this type not only allow you to add ads for seasonal work, but also often allow you to create a candidate profile and automatically attach a resume and cover letter, which is able to significantly shorten the entire recruitment process.

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