Improve communication with customers – these tools will make it possible

Improve communication with customers – these tools will make it possible
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Communication with customers at the highest possible level is the key to their satisfaction. It is worth implementing a number of solutions that will improve contact with customers. See which tools will improve this communication.

Virtual consultant

Allows you to conduct an automatic conversation with the customer based on a pre-planned scenario. A virtual consultant can work regardless of the time of day or week. This allows you to provide the customer with support, answers to questions or services at any time. The system processes the information obtained from the customer and on its basis proposes the most effective solution to his problems.

Using a virtual consultant allows you to streamline communication with the customer by handling more inquiries than normal and transferring calls to the appropriate staff if necessary. The number of customers served increases, but thanks to the presence of a virtual consultant there is no need to hire more employees.

Thanks to the continuity of contact with the customer through this tool, trust in the company increases, which in turn allows you to build long-term relationships.

Virtual telephone number

Introducing a virtual telephone exchange in your company allows you to get one or more virtual phone numbers. These can look like landline numbers or like hotline numbers. By calling this number, customers can be switched to any extension.

A virtual phone number can be called from any device that has internet access, so whether it is a phone, tablet or laptop. The virtual number is used at the phone browser level, so the business is not dependent on its location. Even if it decides to relocate, it can keep its existing number.

A virtual phone number can look like a landline number from a specific city or region. This helps increase the trust of potential customers, who are more likely to use local businesses.


This is a voice bot that allows you to increase your business productivity and optimize your customer contact. This voice assistant is a computer program that, based on proper programming, provides customers with answers to their questions, is able to guide the conversation and solve specific problems.

Voicebot can either handle the customer completely or learn about the problem and determine the topic of conversation, after which it can forward the matter to a specific consultant. Voicebot allows you to determine the problems that customers are asking about in such a way that you can match them with individual employees who are previously assigned to the issues.

Automatic replies and message templates

On websites or in social media, customers usually ask the same questions, among others about a specific service or product, about the price or the scope of services. Employees waste a lot of time replying to similar or the same questions. Introducing automatic replies or creating message templates will save time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to identify the questions that are most frequently asked and implement these tools.

Sending reminders and notifications

For any business, regardless of the nature of the services provided, contact with customers is very important. However, every time you write an email or SMS to your customers could be too time-consuming, so you should automate these processes.

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