The best software for graphic designers

The best software for graphic designers
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Many people starting to learn graphics don’t know which graphics program to opt for. Here are some programs that are very popular, even among professionals.

You can find many programs on the Internet for creating illustrations or other projects, so it can be difficult to choose the best one. Moreover, each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, so the most important thing is to find the golden mean. What are the best software for graphic designers?

Why is graphic design so important?

Image plays an extremely important role in our society. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest rely on image-based communication. Therefore, learning graphic design is a very future-oriented job. More and more companies are looking for people to create all kinds of graphic elements, such as logos, advertising banners, illustrations for books, or newsletters. Many people say that creating such projects is a task only for professionals. However, creating graphics can start with anyone. At the very beginning, however, you should choose an appropriate graphics program. Which one?

Gimp – a great graphics program

Gimp is an extremely popular, powerful and, above all, free program that allows you to edit and design images. It is a great software for many tasks. It will prove helpful when resizing, cropping or modifying image parameters. It is also great with complicated tasks. You can also use gimp as an application that can be extended by various plugins and scripts available on the internet. The interface is really clear and created in such a way that you always have everything at hand

PhotoFiltre – an ideal solution for beginners

If you intend to use this program for non-commercial purposes, it will be completely free, and the number of functions it offers is more than satisfactory. You will find all kinds of tools that can be used both for editing images and creating brand new illustrations. Nevertheless, it is rather for people who are just starting their adventure with graphics. Why? First of all, because PhotoFiltre has a very simple user panel which anyone can handle. In this case, you can also count on the possibility to expand the functions of the program with many plug-ins.

Paint.NET – a replacement for Paint

This program was written in a very popular programming language, which is C#, and its creator is Microsoft itself. The advantages of this solution are primarily hundreds of possibilities and simplicity. The interface of Paint.NET is somewhat similar to other programs from the Windows system family. Therefore, if you have already used such solutions before, you will certainly cope with its operation. In addition to the traditional functions, which include creating gradients, improving quality, or setting transparency Paint.NET allows you to use a magic wand, or work on multiple layers

Adobe Photoshop CC – the market leader in graphic design software

Most likely, everyone has heard of Adobe Photoshop. It was the first program of this kind on the market, since it appeared as early as 1988. The program designed to edit raster graphics Adobe Photoshop CC allows you to work on vector shapes, as well as 3D models. Moreover, it is great for commercial use as well. Therefore, it will be suitable for editors, publishers, printing companies, or advertising agencies. Why do so many people consider Adobe Photoshop CC to be the best graphics program? First of all, because it allows almost infinite options to modify images and provides the best quality on the market. Other Adobe programs are also worth recommending.

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