Where are forklifts useful?

Where are forklifts useful?
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A forklift is a very useful piece of equipment that finds its way into many places and walks of life. It is usually used in industry and transportation, but these are not the only industries that benefit from this versatile piece of equipment. These vehicles are the most popular means of internal transportation and can be used in virtually any type of warehouse. See where forklifts are useful

Division of forklifts

Forklift trucks, due to their construction and use, are divided into different types. Machines are often called colloquially forklifts, because the most important element in them is the lift, which resembles the shape of the forks. The movement of the lift in a forklift is usually the responsibility of the joystick

The most popular type of forklift is the front end models. The elevator in this type of truck, as the name suggests, is located at the front of the vehicle. This model is the most common, it also has the most applications and is the most versatile

The side lift truck, in turn, has a lift in the side of the vehicle, so you can lift with its help loads for example from the racks. A characteristic feature of this forklift truck is the position of the driver. The person driving the forklift sits sideways to the direction of travel, which requires particular concentration and additional training

The guided lift truck, commonly called a stacker or kangaroo truck is characterized primarily by its small, compact size. Its small size is an advantage, because not every place can use a forklift. This is often not possible due to the size of the room, in which case the guided forklifts are the perfect solution

The variable reach specialty forklift is commonly referred to as a manithu, after the name of one of the forklift manufacturers. It is the largest model among this type of vehicle. Rather, it is designed for outdoor use. It is characterized by multitasking, and an added advantage is that you can buy additional attachments for it, such as rope hooks or a bucket

Applications for different types of forklift trucks

Front and side lift trucks are most commonly found on large industrial halls or warehouses. The lifts of these forklifts can rise to great heights and lift very heavy loads off the racks with surprising lightness. The use of forklifts in warehouses is safest for workers and the goods being transported

Guided carts are popular in large format stores. Large grocery discounters or hypermarkets have their small warehouses where a forklift would be too difficult to work in. However, the small size of the warehouse does not mean that heavy goods are not stored there. Such a vehicle is used to transport large quantities of goods from the backroom to the store.

Specialized trucks are used outdoors, most often used on construction sites and in agriculture. Their large dimensions, as well as versatility and very high lifting capacity make these machines very useful in large projects

When hearing “forklift”, people usually think of a small front lift. However, there are many more types of these vehicles, and as a result, they are used in a great many not-so-obvious places. Next time you’re shopping at a local discount store or passing a construction site, take a look around. You might just spot an unusual forklift in use.

Main photo: Ronen Sigan/unsplash.com

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