Company profile on TikTok – Is it worth it?

Company profile on TikTok – Is it worth it?
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There is no denying that TikTok has recently conquered the world of social media. It is currently the most popular platform in the world, but is it worth it to create a profile for your company on it? What are the pros and cons? Let’s find out!

About TikTok in a few words

It all started with, where users published short videos of themselves moving their lips to songs (the so-called lip sync). Later, the platform was bought by TikTok and as it quickly turned out, it was a great success. People fell in love with a few seconds long videos from everyday life or with different kinds of music and dance challenges. This is evidenced by the number of active users – quite recently it exceeded one million. 

Currently, Instagram (Reels) and YouTube (Shorts) have introduced their version of TikTok. Interestingly, this type of feature is not only used by average Kowalskis, but also by influencers, companies and organizations. Here are some reasons why you should follow their lead.

Organic reach 

It’s quite easy to make a name for yourself on TikTok. This is due to an extensive and well-developed recommendation system. Machine learning predicts what content each user will like, using previously liked videos, language preferences, or comments left. So if your company sells exercise accessories, there is a high probability that the content prepared by you will show up to a person who watches a lot of profiles from the fitness category and watches home workouts. 

In case of small funds for advertising, organic acquisition of observers (who may later become customers) is a very good idea.

Creating communities

Because of the previously mentioned algorithm, content on TikTok reaches a wide variety of people. This allows you to expand your audience base to include users you haven’t interacted with before. Generation Z? Parents with small children? Four-legged owners? Don’t miss this opportunity to gain new customers.

Besides, TikTok is a great way to establish a closer relationship with the community. You can show users the life of your business from behind the scenes, respond to comments in video form, and follow trends. Get liked.

Brand building 

One of the biggest successes of marketing efforts is that people remember your brand. Taking care of your various social media channels, including TikTok, will help with this. Consistent messages and designing interesting campaigns will make it easier for people to associate you in the future.

  • Act according to the strategy. Spontaneous actions may work once or twice, but it is good to be able to measure them later and have a point of reference.
  • Avoid pushy, typical ads – be creative. Create an interesting program, partner with a well-known influencer, and generally avoid blending in with the crowd.
  • Use graphic distinctions, remember about the coherence of the graphic setting and adequate aesthetics.
  • Analyze the competition.

And what are the disadvantages? 

First of all, time. Inventing, recording and editing a TikTok video can be quite time-consuming. Additionally, it’s quite easy to fall prey to attacks from hackers or trolls, and the inability to add a long description makes communication difficult. 

However, if you have a good idea and you feel that you want to try it – there will definitely be more benefits than losses.

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